Sunday, August 22, 2010

Recent Photos

So I began teaching an English class last week to kill some time before my own school starts. It's pretty fun. All of my students are around my age, most college graduates trying to obtain proficiency in conversational English. Last night, after going over our lesson, this conversation took place:
"Mr. Hunter, can we listen to a song or maybe watch a video?"
I replied, "Sure, as long as we can discuss the lyrics afterward. What type of music to you like?"
"Celine Dion!" the females announced, nearly in unison.
"What?...No. Absolutely not, what else?" The girls in my class then began listing reasons why Celine Dion was such a fantastic musician/songwriter. I described to them the Dark Era of the late 90s when that damned Titanic song was used by some government agency conducting a sort of psychological conspiracy against the American Public. I couldn't do it, the notes would bring back too much pain, I explained. They weren't buying it, and I was too weak. We watched the Youtube video of "Because You Loved Me," and worse, sat around talking about why he loved her for ten minutes thereafter.

Anyways, here are some recent photos:

Texas In Cairo. Double Entendre.

French Mastiff, Pet Store. I want to adopt this dog.
I've named her Lucy. Not to be confused with my Aunt and Uncle's Whippet.

Boulder In Cairo. Still Expensive.


Sears' Mountain Dew Code Red Iftar. Great First Meal.


  1. The only reason I like Elissa better than Celine Dion is that I can't understand what she's saying. Wait no, I think I like Elissa a lot more.

  2. Hunter, is there really any difference between celine dion and james taylor? I think both have been used at guantanamo as a method of enhanced interigation with terrorists.