Friday, September 24, 2010

Cairo, Day __.

I've been neglecting this thing. It's definitely become less of a priority since establishing myself here. 
Anyways, I hope you all are well. Things that have happened since my last post:

-I witnessed what I (and most expats I know) thought was going to be a massive demonstration concerning the upcoming presidential "elections," with the Egyptian SWAT equivalent outnumbering protesters probably 10 to 1; however, it turned out to be some sort of fanatical escapade between fans of the two most popular football (soccer) clubs here--Al Ahli and Zamalek. It's still unclear whether I missed the political rally or it was about football all along.
-I learned the true definition of the words, "irony," and "uncomfortable," when I passed a woman on the street the other day begging for change. I stopped for a second to consider, but then quickly moved on when I realized she was breast feeding her child. Breast fully exposed. The woman was also wearing a full burka and niqab.
-I am currently in three undergrad classes the AUC is forcing me to take as prerequisites to my program. I've been enjoying the readings and learning quite a bit about sociopolitical and economic development in the Middle East, particularly post WWI. My thesis is two years away, but the topic of Arab nationalism has caught my attention. Who knows?
-I am 0-2 in my fantasy league. I attribute Favre's slow start this season to Sidney Rice's injury. In real football, however, I am jealous you all get to watch Aaron Rogers and the Pack crush the Bears on Monday Night Football.
-Five years ago, I studied abroad in Maastricht, Netherlands. I can't remember the classes I took, but I do remember the traveling I did and the pub I frequented, the Shamrock. A block down the street from the pub (on the way home to my dorm), was a Kebab cafe called Nora's. I went to Nora's nearly every night I went to the Shamrock, and I went to the Shamrock nearly every night I was not traveling. I befriended the owner, Moe, an Egyptian man with Dutch citizenship who has, needless to say, seen me at less than my best. Moe and I have kept in touch and Moe was recently visiting his family in Alexandria. He called me the other day while in Cairo taking care of some paperwork at the Dutch embassy, which happens to be a 5 minute walk from my house. We met up for coffee. It was really cool to catch up.
-Ramadan is over.

Ashraf eating a burrito. Second time I've made burritos in Cairo. I miss Mexican food.

"I have so much shit to do. There's no [expletive]ing way I can get all this shit done in an hour."
-Alan Sears, three hours before his flight to leave the Middle East for good after living and working in Cairo for a year. He's online trying to figure out if he can change his flight to the next day. Dare I observe this as pretty typical of Alan Sears? Yes, I do. In fact, I called it. 

Michelle, my roommate's stupid cat. The red eye was not caused by the camera. 
Moe and I. Also, I'm bald now. 


  1. Moral of this story is: never trash talk about the Bears from another continent.

  2. You know what sucks? I didn't listen to the game (online radio is what I've been using to keep up) because it started at 4am my time. I forgot about it briefly when I awoke this morning. This comment section is how I discovered the Pack lost. Thanks, Sy.

    Bears still suck.