Saturday, September 4, 2010

Second Trip To Dahab, Cats.

Went to Dahab for a few days this past week. Met up with Geneva from Telluride who was traveling through Israel. Tested out the underwater capability of my camera and went climbing.

Back in Cairo, I live with two girls, a Croatian and an Italian. (Tangent: If you come and visit, it's funny to make fun of Croatia in my apartment: Is it really a country? Are you sure? Where is it? Speculate on the literacy rate and other struggles as a developing nation. Technological malfunctions are due to production in Croatia. Character faults are typically Croatian. Offensive food, the national dish of Croatia. Etc.) They both work in Cairo, one for a marketing firm and the other for a refugee NGO, respectively. They also each have a cat. The Croatian, Valentina, has a male cat named Oto, while the Italian, Elisa, has a female cat named Michelle. Both cats retain all of their bells and whistles despite my constant pleadings and informative article forwarding. I've informed both of my roommates that if the cats procreate I will take absolutely no part in caring for their offspring. Unfortunately, this is a false threat--I know I'll be unable to ignore the little shits and feel responsible if they unintentionally starve or drown. My roommates are openly in denial concerning the possibility of kittens, and I suspect Elisa secretly wants them. Here are my newborn feline concerns:
1) Kittens typically turn into cats. I dislike cats.
2) Newborn animals of all flavors require food, water, and attention. Even kittens, according to wikipedia. They cause mischief and they cry. Do kittens instinctively know the only acceptable place to relieve themselves is the litter box? How long does it take them to learn not to use their claws and teeth? Will they survive on the streets if born in a domestic environment?
3) Will my roommates grow attached to them? Will they want to keep them? I don't want to turn into one of those weird cat people. How much time do I have to get rid of them before my roommates refuse to?

Suggestions/advice welcome.

In other news, school starts tomorrow.

The dark part is the "Blue Hole," which is a hole 160 meters deep encircled in reef.

Blue Hole Reef
Wadi Gnai


  1. you liked royal, kp's cat. i know you did. and alan's cat was fantastic.

  2. I don't even remember that cat, Royal. And Alan's cat is too needy.

  3. Pitter-pat was like a sister to you!

  4. Pitter-pat can take most of the credit for why I dislike cats.